Marathon Running Tips

Marathon Running Tips

Running a Marathon or any kind of endurance race is no easy task but there are things that you can do to make sure you give yourself the best chance of completing such long distances in this section called Marathon Running Tips we will try to give some advice to help you run further and train better with a long distance in mind.

The first point to raise is that no runner will attempt to run the race distance when training, you prepare your body by running shorter distances easily rather than running the race distance in training. So as an example if you are training for 26 miles you will train to become very good at 13 miles. Make 13 miles easy as you can and you will be able to run 26 miles.

You should make sure you follow a strict training plan in the build up to an endurance race, so look at your training in a very detailed way. We will be adding training plans to this website very soon so keep checking back. You must also look at your diet and make sure that you are fuelling your body in the correct manner both during training but also the day before the race and the day of the race as you have to fuel correctly if you expect to do well.

Although its nice to look your best on the day of the race, do not wear clothes that you have not wore before. New clothes can rub so make sure you have tested them in training and make sure they have been washed a few times to soften them up a bit. Again this goes for running trainers, make sure you wear a pair that are worn down so that they offer you the maximum comfort but new enough that they still do their job correctly.

Good luck with your Marathon Training. We hope this short guide will help you to improve your training and remember to call back as we will be adding detailed content all the time. We hope you have enjoyed these Marathon Running Tips.